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On This New Year, Let’s Promise to Yourself

This new year, Let’s promise to yourself Not to live a mediocre life. Focus on your Goals, Chase your Dreams. Less Liabilities, More Assets. Not to hurt anyone. Directly or Indirectly. Not to chase toxic People. Believe in people, when they show you who they really are. Unfollow them. To leave the job, place, person or relationship that no longer serves you. To be the best version of Yourself. Stay Calm, Collected & Blissful. To make you & your family your first priority. Take care of your parents & spend quality more time with your loved ones. They need your Time more than your money. To work on your better Health. Eat healthy food. Exercise and Mediate daily. To Travel more, Learn more & Live more. Make each day count. To do at least one thing that will make this Earth a better place to live.   With that being said, I wish you a very Happy New Year.