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Announcement : My YouTube Channel is Growing. Please Like and Subscribe my Channel for amazing Travel & Fun Vlogs.

Hey Guys, I am so happy to announce that, my YouTube Channel is growing day by day. My hard work is paying off. It has been almost a year since I have started vlogging my travel journeys and started posting it on my channel. Travel Vlogging is something new for me, but interesting part is I do enjoy it. The main purpose of this channel is to share my travel experience in the form of videos and give my viewers glimpse of how I travel and take them on visual journey of the amazing places around the world. My travel vlogging concept is simple and light and I do not do much of editing as I want my videos to be real as they are. I usually travel with my friends and I capture every detail of where we go, what fun we do and what we eat and almost all things we do on our action time. So I request you to check out my YouTube channel and do like and subscribe it for …

Indian Train Journey From Mumbai to Hubli

Hey Guys, Have you ever travelled in Indian Trains? especially in second class? Trains are the important mode of transportation in India. Check out my video of Indian Train journey from Mumbai to Hubli , when I was on the way to Hampi with my friends. It will give you glimpse of how it is like to travel in trains of India. Don’t forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe to my channel .

15 Best Things To Do in Goa

It’s been nearly a few months since my Sri Lanka Backpacking trip and I started feeling my wanderlust again. So this time I chose to backpack Goa and it turned out the craziest trip of the year. Back in 2012, I have been to Goa with my friends and guys trust me, it was just like a normal leisure Goa trip, but in backpacking I experienced Goa never like before, in crazier and wicked ways. Though Goa is the smallest state of India, but it has become the most popular destination among the tourists and bachelors. Interesting fact is that every bachelor in India at least once wants to go Goa and just to experience the nightlife. Goa defines the ultimate freedom and leisure. I love that feeling to sit next to the beach with a glass of red wine and do nothing but feel the passing time, see the people and wait for the sun to go down. So here we go, if you are looking for some adventure, then try Goa in backpacking …