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Kenya & Tanzania Visa On Arrival for Indian Citizens

A short video about the documents required for visa on arrival for Indian citizens planning to visit Kenya & Tanzania


My First Trip to Africa

Hey Guys,

We are on the way to Africa!! And this is a vlog of the day when our trip to Africa began.

I met friends at Mumbai airport and this is where all the fun started.

This vlog is about what all we do at the airport once the checking and immigration is done, our flight journey till Nairobi, flight food and fun things friends do when they are together.

Delhi, Things to do in a Day

Hey Guys,

Checkout my latest video about things to do in Delhi in a day.

Delhi, the capital city of India. It will never fail to amaze you. When I was on my trip to Leh Ladakh , I got a chance to spend a day in Delhi.

In this video, you will see the famous places I have visited in a day trip.

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Best Places to Visit in Europe

Europe, one of the places I always wanted to visit and luckily in 2017, I have travelled 7 best countries of Europe and this experience was mind blowing.

When I think of Europe, what comes up in my mind is ….

The Eiffel Tower of Paris, Countryside of Amsterdam, Gondola rides in Venice, breath-taking Swiss landscapes, Scenic roads journeys, Roman architectures and list goes on.

Choosing which places to visit in Europe is always confusing. There are so many options and places to choose from. Each and every place in Europe has its own beauty.

In this post, I want to jots down the best places I have visited and give you glimpse of some European countries. It will help you to plan out your Europe trip itinerary.

So, lets begin …. (Do not forget to checkout my YouTube Video in the end )


  • Amsterdam is the first city I have visited in the Europe. It is a capital city of Netherlands. Amsterdam is quite famous for its nightlife and pubbing culture. Rembrandt square is the one of the happening areas in Amsterdam. Live music, street shows and pubs are the main attractions here.
  • Red Light District is area where prostitution is legal. It is the most visited place in Amsterdam. Prostitutes in Red light district stand in the red light behind the window and if client comes in then they provide service in their private area.
  • The Bulldog Muffin is muffin made of cannabis. It is easily available in the ‘The Bulldog Cafe’ You have to try it, it gives quite thrilling experience.
  • Geithroon is a small village, it also called as ‘Venice of Netherlands’. It is around 122 kms from Amsterdam and it is perfect destination for a day. Geithroon does not have any roads to drive car, it has number of waterways, canals and wooden bridges.

Geithroon Village



  • Brussels is a capital of Belgium. There are more than 90 attractions in Brussels including monuments, parks, museums, chocolate and beer bars and much more.
  • The Atomium is the most iconic structure of Brussels. It is the main icon of world fair of Brussels that is Expo 1958.


  • Black forest is one of the best forests in Europe. It is specially known for its hills, valleys and forest areas.
  • German Cuckoo Clock Shop – It has been said that first cuckoo clock is made in Black forest. One of the largest cuckoo clocks in the world is in Black forest. There are variety options for buying the clocks. The workshop also demonstrates how cuckoo clocks are made.


  • Rhine Falls is the largest waterfall in Switzerland and Europe. It is located on the German Swiss border. It offers spectacular view to visitors. The best way to explore Rhine falls is through boat rides.
  • Lucerne City is called as a city of town squares and Chapel Bridge in Lucerne is one of the oldest wooden brides in the world. Also, the Lion monument is famous monument. It is carved in the memory of death of Swiss mercenaries.
  • Titlis Rotair is world’s first revolving cable car. We ascended 10,000 ft to the summit of Mt Titlis. We had a free time to play in snow, visit ice cave, see the breath-taking views of swiss landscapes.
  • Geneva City is situated along with the bank of Geneva lake. It is cultural center of world class entertainment. The united nation building is European headquarter of united nation. The Broken Chair monument and Red cross museum is nearby united nation building.


  • Venice is the most romantic city in Europe. It has magnificent monuments, architectures and historical structures and cannels. Venice is built on numbers of small islands on the Adriatic Sea. Visit Murano glass showroom and saw how glass items are made. Trip to Venice is incomplete without Gondola Ride.
  • Rome is one of the best cities to visit in Europe. Rome architectures are considered as the most iconic architectures in the world. The Roman colosseum and Trevi Fountain are the best monuments to see in day and night time.
  • Florence is also world class city with great monuments and historical structures. The Duomo of Florence is the largest bricks dome created ever. We took a walking tour of city and visited the famous places of the visit. The famous artist Michelangelo was buried in the Florence.
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa is built as a free-standing bell tower for Cathedral in Pisa.

Roman Colosseum

Vatican City

  • Vatican City is the smallest county in the World. It is headquarter to the roman catholic church.
  • Peter Basilica is also called a New St. Peter Basilica. As per the Guinness World Record, St. Peter Basilica is the largest church in the world. This church is the holistic catholic place which is visited by thousand of pilgrims and tourists. This Church is built upon the tomb of St. Peter.
Vactican City-01.jpeg

Vatican City


  • Paris is the capital of France. A global center to the art, fashion and culture. It is one of the largest and most popular cities in the world. There are many iconic monuments and museums in Paris.
  • Eiffel Tower is one of the reasons why everyone wants to visit to Paris. Illumined Eiffel Tower is the best thing to see and experience in Paris.
  • River Seine Cruise is best way to see the historical monuments and architectures in Paris.

Eiffel Tower

So guys, this is all about the best places I have visited in the Europe. Also, checkout my YouTube video for more details. (Information, Photos & Videos)

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My New Camera – Canon G7X Mark II Buying & Unboxing

Hey Guy,

I am proudly owner of Canon G7X Mark II. I have got this camera specially  for video blogging and I am pretty excited to explore world with this camera.

Canon Powershot G7X Mark II is advanced point and shoot camera. It used by most of the You tubers for video blogging. The quality of images and videos is pretty awesome. Completely loving it.

On my YouTube Channel. Check out my latest video about buying and boxing of  this camera.

Velas Turtle Festival

Hey Guys,

Do you know about Velas & Velas Turtle Festival ?

Velas is a small village in Ratnagiri district. Velas Turtle Festival– the main attraction of Velas, organized by an NGO named Sahydri Nisarga Mitra. It is an initiative taken by the NGO and whole Velas villagers to preserve the turtles and provide the protection to their eggs. Villagers also provide the home stays and food to the tourists. From last few years, it has gained quite attention among the tourists and nature lovers. The festival was mainly focused on the turtles. I had actually witnessed the baby turtles hatching and their baby steps toward the sea.

Check out my latest video of  Velas Travel Guide. 


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Exploring The Ancient City of Hampi

Hey Guys,

Check out my latest vlog, where I am exploring the ancient city of Hampi.  This place is amazing.

Hampi is a historical village from Karnataka of India.It is best known for its ruins of ancient hampi city & Hippie island , temples, monuments and rock structure etc.

Hampi is one of the UNESCO heritage sites from India and it is quite famous among the tourists around the world.

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Indian Train Journey From Mumbai to Hubli

Hey Guys,

Have you ever travelled in Indian Trains? especially in second class?

Trains are the important mode of transportation in India.

Check out my video of Indian Train journey from Mumbai to Hubli , when I was on the way to Hampi with my friends.

It will give you glimpse of how it is like to travel in trains of India.

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Coracle ride in Hampi

Hey Guys,

Checkout my latest video of Coracle Ride in Hampi on my YouTube channel.

Recently,  I have been to Hampi and tried this thrilling boat ride.

Coracle is bowl shaped boat that can carry 5 to 6 people across the river. Coracle ride is one of the must do things in Hampi. It is unique boat ride on Tungabhadra to see this ancient city of Hampi.

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