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Announcement : My YouTube Channel is Growing. Please Like and Subscribe my Channel for amazing Travel & Fun Vlogs.

Hey Guys,

I am so happy to announce that, my YouTube Channel is growing day by day. My hard work is paying off.

It has been almost a year since I have started vlogging my travel journeys and started posting it on my channel.

Travel Vlogging is something new for me, but interesting part is I do enjoy it.

The main purpose of this channel is to share my travel experience in the form of videos and give my viewers glimpse of how I travel and take them on visual journey of the amazing places around the world.

My travel vlogging concept is simple and light and I do not do much of editing as I want my videos to be real as they are. I usually travel with my friends and I capture every detail of where we go, what fun we do and what we eat and almost all things we do on our action time.

So I request you to check out my YouTube channel and do like and subscribe it for amazing travel and fun videos.

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Also check out my latest vlog on ‘Eating frog in Cambodia & Pub Street Nightlife’


Thank you for all your support!!


Exploring Mombasa in Kenya!! Old Town, People , Food & Beaches

Hey Guys,

This vlog is new video of  Mombasa city of Kenya.

Mombasa City is one of the main tourist attractions from Kenya and it is also the oldest city of Kenya.

We stayed in Mombasa for 3 days and experienced the real life of Kenya. We visited the famous places like Old town, local markets and some of the beautiful beaches.

Unfortunately, we got mugged in Mombasa. Check out at the end of video for the story of how exactly we got mugged and how you can avoid it. Also, some funny bloopers at the end.


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Thank you!!

Special Thanks to Bhagya, Priya, Anuja, Vishal & Aniket

Nairobi To Mombasa Train Journey in Kenya

Hey Guys,

After exploring the jungles of Masai Mara, our next destination is Mombasa Island, where we are going to spend our next 3 days.

This vlog is about our train journey from Nairobi to Mombasa and how we spent 6 hours in the train and also, a quick room of our Mombasa guest house.

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My First Trip to Africa

Hey Guys,

We are on the way to Africa!! And this is a vlog of the day when our trip to Africa began.

I met friends at Mumbai airport and this is where all the fun started.

This vlog is about what all we do at the airport once the checking and immigration is done, our flight journey till Nairobi, flight food and fun things friends do when they are together.

Exploring The Ancient City of Hampi

Hey Guys,

Check out my latest vlog, where I am exploring the ancient city of Hampi.  This place is amazing.

Hampi is a historical village from Karnataka of India.It is best known for its ruins of ancient hampi city & Hippie island , temples, monuments and rock structure etc.

Hampi is one of the UNESCO heritage sites from India and it is quite famous among the tourists around the world.

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Indian Train Journey From Mumbai to Hubli

Hey Guys,

Have you ever travelled in Indian Trains? especially in second class?

Trains are the important mode of transportation in India.

Check out my video of Indian Train journey from Mumbai to Hubli , when I was on the way to Hampi with my friends.

It will give you glimpse of how it is like to travel in trains of India.

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Coracle ride in Hampi

Hey Guys,

Checkout my latest video of Coracle Ride in Hampi on my YouTube channel.

Recently,  I have been to Hampi and tried this thrilling boat ride.

Coracle is bowl shaped boat that can carry 5 to 6 people across the river. Coracle ride is one of the must do things in Hampi. It is unique boat ride on Tungabhadra to see this ancient city of Hampi.

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My YouTube Channel

Hey Guys, Hope you all doing great!

Today, I am pretty much excited to share this news with you.

And the new is . . I have started making my travel videos (Video Blogging) and I have my own YouTube channel now.  Yippee  🙂

Cool, Isn’t it??

The name of my channel is ‘Manisha Tajne’ . 

Back in 2014, I started ‘The Travel Junkie’ blog to share my travel & living stories and this journey has been amazing.  But time has come for me to upgrade myself in this YouTube era hence I started this YouTube channel on which I will be video blogging my travel journeys & share my experiences.

I am quite excited about this and I am really looking forward to do quality contents on my channel.

I will really appreciate, if you could have a look at my new channel, subscribe it and tell me how you feel about it.

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You feedback and comments are welcome.

Last but not least, we are family of 623 now. 😊

I would really like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for all your love and support.

Thank you so much!







When I Had Sri Lankan Hopper for the First Time.

If someone asks me, ‘What is my favorite Sri Lankan Dish?’.

No doubt, I will say ‘Hoppers for the breakfast and Rice & Curries in the Meals’.

Hopper is a traditional breakfast dish basically prepared with rice flour, coconut milk and some yeast and it is somewhat similar to pancakes.

I remember, this picture was taken early in the morning around 5 am, when I was on my way to the Yala National Park for Leopard safari.  And this is when I had Sri Lankan Hoppers for the first time.


Hopper preparation is on 🙂 

It was early in the morning, there wasn’t any food shop or hotel open at that time, except this small stall of this lovely couple. The man was making hot hoppers and the lady was serving along with a cup of tea. I was quite hungry and so I was curious to try hoppers.  I had a few hoppers along with coconut chutney and tea. I actually loved it, those were thin & crispy in texture and quite delicious in taste. The healthy & light breakfast to start a day.  After this day, I had hoppers for the breakfast for next a few days while I was in Sri Lanka.


Hoppers and Rice Cakes for breakfast

Sri Lankan cuisine is quite similar to somewhat we get in the southern part of India. Spices, herbs & curries are still the essential part of the all the meals. Those who enjoys South Indian food will definitely love the Sri Lankan food as well.

The main course basically consists of either rice or noodles along with the veg or non veg curries.


Rice & Curries 


Noodles for breakfast

So I suggest, you really need to try Hoppers and a plate full of rice & curries at least once whenever you are in Sri Lanka.