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When I Had Sri Lankan Hopper for the First Time.

If someone asks me, ‘What is my favorite Sri Lankan Dish?’.

No doubt, I will say ‘Hoppers for the breakfast and Rice & Curries in the Meals’.

Hopper is a traditional breakfast dish basically prepared with rice flour, coconut milk and some yeast and it is somewhat similar to pancakes.

I remember, this picture was taken early in the morning around 5 am, when I was on my way to the Yala National Park for Leopard safari.  And this is when I had Sri Lankan Hoppers for the first time.


Hopper preparation is on 🙂 

It was early in the morning, there wasn’t any food shop or hotel open at that time, except this small stall of this lovely couple. The man was making hot hoppers and the lady was serving along with a cup of tea. I was quite hungry and so I was curious to try hoppers.  I had a few hoppers along with coconut chutney and tea. I actually loved it, those were thin & crispy in texture and quite delicious in taste. The healthy & light breakfast to start a day.  After this day, I had hoppers for the breakfast for next a few days while I was in Sri Lanka.


Hoppers and Rice Cakes for breakfast

Sri Lankan cuisine is quite similar to somewhat we get in the southern part of India. Spices, herbs & curries are still the essential part of the all the meals. Those who enjoys South Indian food will definitely love the Sri Lankan food as well.

The main course basically consists of either rice or noodles along with the veg or non veg curries.


Rice & Curries 


Noodles for breakfast

So I suggest, you really need to try Hoppers and a plate full of rice & curries at least once whenever you are in Sri Lanka.

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