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On This New Year, Let’s Promise to Yourself

This new year, Let’s promise to yourself

  • Not to live a mediocre life. Focus on your Goals, Chase your Dreams. Less Liabilities, More Assets.
  • Not to hurt anyone. Directly or Indirectly.
  • Not to chase toxic People. Believe in people, when they show you who they really are. Unfollow them.
  • To leave the job, place, person or relationship that no longer serves you.
  • To be the best version of Yourself. Stay Calm, Collected & Blissful.
  • To make you & your family your first priority. Take care of your parents & spend quality more time with your loved ones. They need your Time more than your money.
  • To work on your better Health. Eat healthy food. Exercise and Mediate daily.
  • To Travel more, Learn more & Live more. Make each day count.
  • To do at least one thing that will make this Earth a better place to live.


With that being said, I wish you a very Happy New Year.

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Hi, My name is Manisha Tajne and I am from a city of dreams, Mumbai. I am a software techie by profession and “The Travel Junkie” by passion. I am passionate about travelling, exploring the places and people, knowing their food, culture and lifestyle. “The Travel Junkie” is my small start and inspiration to pursue my travelling passion and I would like to share here my travels, food and living stories or anything good I come across.

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