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15 Best Things To Do in Goa

It’s been nearly a few months since my Sri Lanka Backpacking trip and I started feeling my wanderlust again. So this time I chose to backpack Goa and it turned out the craziest trip of the year.

Back in 2012, I have been to Goa with my friends and guys trust me, it was just like a normal leisure Goa trip, but in backpacking I experienced Goa never like before, in crazier and wicked ways.

Though Goa is the smallest state of India, but it has become the most popular destination among the tourists and bachelors. Interesting fact is that every bachelor in India at least once wants to go Goa and just to experience the nightlife.

Goa defines the ultimate freedom and leisure. I love that feeling to sit next to the beach with a glass of red wine and do nothing but feel the passing time, see the people and wait for the sun to go down.

So here we go, if you are looking for some adventure, then try Goa in backpacking style, just buy a ticket and pack your bag. Here I will guide you what to do considering you are on 4-5 days on a trip.

Just for your information, this article is going to be long since I have been writing a post after a long time. Go and grab a cup of coffee and stay with me along with my Goa backpacking tips.

Now that you are In Goa, what to do next?

So here we go.

15 Best Things To Do in Goa.

  1. Get an accommodation in Beach shacks – I would suggest Anjuna Beach I personally feel it is one of the most happening beaches in Goa especially in the Night. I have stayed in Tantra Beach Shack and Huts just next to Anjuna Beach and Zostel near Calangut beach. I would highly recommend rather than staying at one place for 2-3 days, try to book 2 different hotels or beach shacks.
    Tantra Beach Shacks

    Tantra Beach Shacks

    Tantra Beach Shack - Tree Houses

    Tantra Beach Shack – Tree Houses

    Zostel Goa

    Zostel Goa

  1. Get a non gear Bike – The most convenient way to hop in Goa. Hire a rental bike which you will get anywhere in Goa.

    Rental Bike

    Rental Bike

  1. Beach Hopping – Goa is blessed with the beautiful beaches and each beach is beautiful in its own ways. Anjuna, Baga,Calangute, Arambol, Morjim, Condolim, Querim and Vagor are the must visit beaches. Try to explore 2-3 beaches per day.
    Anjuna Beach

    Anjuna Beach

    Condolim Beach

    Condolim Beach

  1. Water Sports & Parasailing – Baga and Calangute beaches are the best beaches for the water sport activities. Banana Rides, Bumpers Rides, Jet Skiing, Wind Surfing and Parasailing are the most popular water sports to try with your group in Goa.

    Bumper Ride

    Bumper Ride (Image Source – Google)

  1. Sea Food – Goa is incomplete without trying the Goan Cuisines specially fish made in Goan style. There are varieties of food you can enjoy in Goa. Rather than fancy restaurants go out and try the food at beach shacks. 

    Goan Seafood

    Goan Seafood (Image Source – Google)

  1. Drinks – Fenny is a popular local drink made up of Cashews. I personally enjoy cocktails or a glass of wine along with the fried fish. Be careful, do not drink and drive your non gear bike.
  1. Open Beach Parties & Disco Clubs – Beach Parties are my favorite part of Goa, as the sun goes down, Goa gets crazier. Especially at Anjuna beach side, things become happening in the night. Curlies Beach Restaurant and Café Lilliput are the best places where you can enjoy the open beach parties. You could see how crazy people get in the open beach parties with loud music, dance floor and drinks. Girls, be ready for unexpected proposals from random guys. After the party, you can sit next to sea share and enjoy your leisure time along with drinks and Hookah. Once you enjoy open beach parties next day you can go to the disco clubs. There are some famous clubs in Goa like Café Mambos or Club Cubana, where you can enjoy the EDM. At most of the cafes, entries are free for the Girls.

    Open Beach Party

    Open Beach Party (Image Source – Google)

  1. Casino – You can go and try your luck in gambling which in legal in Goa. There are many known Casinos in Goa like Casino Royale and Deltin Royal.
  2. Goa Beyond the beaches and parties – So first 2 3 days you had enjoyed the beaches and parties, then keep a day side to see the Goa beyond the beaches. There are a few sites in Goa which are good to visit like Fort Aquada and Chapora etc.

    Fort Aquada

    Fort Aquada

  1. Getting Temporary Tattoos – Every time I go Goa I get tattooed. You could easily find tattoo artist with ink who near beaches. There are many salons as well for where you can get permanent tattoo.

    Just got inked

    Just got inked

  1. Saturday Night MarketThe Saturday Night Market is a place where enjoyment has no boundaries and where the enjoyment never stops. It is one hell of a party place to be. Here you can find everything selling in the stalls like spices, jewelry clothes etc and the live DJ playing all the night. 

    Saturday Night Market

    Saturday Night Market (Image Source – Google)

  1. Flea Market & Street Shopping – Flea Market near Anjuna beach is one of the best markets to buy souvenirs in Goa.  Image Source – Google.

    Flea Market

    Flea Market (Image Source – Google)

  1. Dolphin Safari – Dolphin Safari is one of the activities you can enjoy in Goa and the sighting rates are good. So it is almost likely you can get to see the Dolphins if you book the safari.  
  1. Old Goa – Old Goa is the least explored part of Goa. It is also known as “Rome of East”. There are many sights in Old Goa like Se Cathedral , Basilica of Bom Jesus, etc. If you enjoy spending a day in history then Old Goa is the place for you.  
  1. Wildlife Sanctuaries – Wildlife Sanctuaries in Goa? Yes, you heard it right again. Goa has exciting wildlife just like beaches and parties. The Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park have the varieties of animal and rare species of birds. So after beaches, keep some time apart to enter in the jungles as well.

What is the most exciting thing you’ve done in Goa so far?

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