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Le Pondy – A Day Spent in a Leisure Resort, Pondicherry/ Puducherry

Le Pondy 

I was in Pondicherry recently and I had a wonderful leisure time at Le Pondy resort.

It was a beautiful morning, when we started our journey from Chennai to Pondicherry on East Coast Road (ECR). Around 12 pm, we reached in Pondicherry. We were wandering on the roads of Pondicherry in a search of any good hotel or resort. We all were so hungry due to journey.

Accidentally, we saw a direction board of Le Pondy resort and we decided to go ahead with it. (I am so thankful to that direction board)

Today, I am sharing experience of my day spent at Le Pondy luxury resort. Well, I would not lie if I say Le Pondy is the best resort I have ever been to until now.

Le Pondy & Me

Le Pondy & Me


As I entered in Le Pondy, first thing I saw was a circular area with a beautiful dome structure in the center. At the reception, I got a big smile from a foreigner relaxing around the reception area. The resort was calm, clean and green.

As I move ahead, I come across a transparent glass bridge in the middle. The bridge was leading to the dining and the poolside area of the resort.

Dome at entrance

Dome at entrance

A transparent glass bridge

A transparent glass bridge



Rooms and Villas

As it was our one day trip,so I did not get a chance to see any rooms or villas from inside , but from outside all the rooms and the villas were extremely impressive and luxurious.




Seating Area

I have seen many seating areas for relaxing in various parts of the resort. The decorations and interiors across the resort is very well and classic, which is truly enhancing the beauty of the place.



The dining area of a resort is spacious and super clean. My mouth was watering, when I saw the number of delicious dishes on the dinning table. We tried buffet lunch. The soups, starters, main course, desserts all were delicious. I ate so much that I could hardly able to walk for a while. 😛

I was totally impressed by the varieties of food items and the hospitality offered by the staffs.

Lunch is ready, come and get it

Lunch is ready, come and get it



A plate full of starters

A plate full of starters

Main course

Main course



 Pool Area

Along the dining area, there is water pool for swimming.




I was surrounded by the beautiful lawns and coconut trees. The resort has a neat and well maintained garden throughout the area. I love the place most because of the greenery and quietness that I needed for a perfect vacation time.


A View from Paradise Beach


 Some Leisure Time


 Le Pondy is the best thing happened to us in Pondicherry. The must visit place in Pondicherry.

Highly recommended! You’ve got to visit this place, if you are looking out for some leisure vacation time.


Practical Information from sitehttp://www.lepondy.com/

About Le Pondy

Le Pondy, situated at Pondicherry is a premium leisure resort beautifully lounged at an estuary between Chunnambar River and the Bay of Bengal. Le Pondy celebrates Pondicherry in all its true sense – the spirit, the architecture and the revelry. Pondicherry is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South India. It is also known as The French Riviera of the East. The resort also provides facilities of Ayurveda Center & spa, Bar, Health club, Private beach etc.


No.3, Lake View Road, Pudukuppam,

Nallvadu Post, Pondicherry 605007, India

Ph: +91 413 3040800 to 900/ +91 413 2619666/ +91 413 2619888



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