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First Trip of 2015 – Matheran

New Year always brings a lot of excitement in my life. New Year eve, 1st and 2nd of Jan (My birthday), these 3 days of every year are full of parties and enjoyments. But more importantly, the New Year always comes with the new hopes and resolutions. This year, I had added very few items on my resolutions list, so I can really focus on completing them first, maybe in the mid of the year I can add a few more items on the list.

Apart from staying loyal to my blog, I have decided to fill 2015 with a lot of memorable travel and the road trips. I just want to focus on travelling more and more. I want to explore India in a better ways.  As of now I am considering visiting at least 3-4 states of India in 2015.

Back in 2011, I had visited Matheran with my few friends during monsoon season, the best time to visit Matheran. It is a smallest hill station of India, located in the western ghats. The place is very scenic during the monsoon, especially the greenery of the hills and views from the different points. There are around 28 points in the Matheran for sight seeing. This time, I re-visited and successfully made my first trip of the year.

Charlotte Lake

Echo Point

Though, the  winter is not the best season to visit, but the place was crowded as always. Mostly, the people come to the one day picnic. It is the one of the best relaxing and silent places I have been to and natural, full of serenity.

Horses are the main mode of transportation. Horse riding, It’s breathtaking and still more than an adventure sport to me. Seriously, I still can’t forget the thrill of riding a  horse, it was totally scary but adventurous.

Matheran trip is an incomplete without horse riding and a toy train journey. Little bargaining skills are good to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Toy Train

Toy Train

If where to stay is a big concern, then it’s not an actually a problem, there are many affordable hotels or resorts in the each area. Though, online booking is always a better option during the peak season.

Decent place to stay in Matheran – Horseland  Hotel and Mountain spa

Horseland Hotel

Horseland Hotel

According to our horse mentor, Horseland and Mountain spa is the best hotel in Matheran. The place is actually decent, the hotel authorities indeed worked hard for keeping hotel environment lively and energetic. The hotel has a Goan carnival look and feel theme, They provide a buffet for lunch and dinner with lots of varieties in a hotel booking package and  the most important it has a disc and a bar.

One thing I learned from my trip, Travel teaches you a lot about the places as well the people you go along with.

I enjoyed my short vacation here and something really different I did at the start of the year 2015.


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Hi, My name is Manisha Tajne and I am from a city of dreams, Mumbai. I am a software techie by profession and “The Travel Junkie” by passion. I am passionate about travelling, exploring the places and people, knowing their food, culture and lifestyle. “The Travel Junkie” is my small start and inspiration to pursue my travelling passion and I would like to share here my travels, food and living stories or anything good I come across.

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