Year: 2014

Evening at Bandstand, Bandra

The bandstand is one of the tourist attractions in Mumbai, specially famous for the beautiful sea view and bollywood star’s residences. It is located in Bandra, western part Mumbai. The bandstand is a pleasant place to enjoy evening sunset. Along the seashore, there are bungalows of famous Bollywood stars like Sharukhan’s Mannat, Rekha’s Basera, and Salman khan’s galaxy apartments etc. The place is always crowded, mostly occupied by joggers or couples. After spending a few hours around the bandstand, I visited Juhu beach. It took us around 20 mins from the auto rickshaw to reach Juhu beach. Juhu Beach is quite crowded in the Night. There are varieties of food stalls at beach like chat stalls, ice-creams, pav bhaji etc. Don’t forget to grab a bite of famous butter pav bhaji from food stalls.

Velas Turtle Festival, Ratnagiri

Velas is a small village in Ratnagiri district. Recently, I had visited Velas for Turtle Festival with Mumbai Travellers. It was a perfect weekend getaway with 50 strangers. I had also enjoyed the typical Konkani food, especially Solkadi and Taadi. Turtle Festival– the main attraction of Velas, organized by an NGO named Sahydri Nisarga Mitra. It is an initiative taken by the NGO and whole Velas villagers to preserve the turtles and provide the protection to their eggs. Villagers also provide the home stays and food to the tourists. From last few years, it has gained quite attention among the tourists and nature lovers.  The festival was mainly focused on the turtles. We came to know a lot much about the turtles and the different phases of their life cycle.  At the end of the day, NGO Team had shown us the documentaries of turtles, vultures and explained us their importance in ecosystem. I had actually witnessed the baby turtles hatching and their baby steps toward the sea. (Amazing Moment) Apart from turtle festival, there are other attractions as well like …