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Kundalika River Rafting at Kolad

River Rafting is a word itself give thrill. I had my first encounter with Kundalika River for rafting activity in late 2013. My friends and I had planned one day to trip for river rafting. We had heard good reviews from others.

Initially, we were a bit scared since none of us were not knowing swimming.We all were excited, finally the day arrived and it was Sunday morning.We hired a cab from Mumbai to Kolad. We started early in the morning around 5.30. The reporting was around 8.30. The route from Mumbai to Kolad was scenic and beautiful, but confusing. Thanks to the GPS system which helped us in finding right place.

We reached before the time. The climate was cloudy along with slight rain. We ate hot pakodas and we drank tea. It’s always better to have some breakfast or light meal before rafting, since you never know how long it would take you to finish the activity.

Pothole on Road IMAG6163 DSC01029

Our mentor - Dharamveer Ji

Our mentor – Dharamveer Ji


Finally, the activity started; we all were taken to the rafting start point, near Kundalika River. There were many groups like our group and all people were excited. The rafting coordinators started putting life jacket and helmet on each member. Then, the introduction session began, each of us had introduced to the other team members.

We all were divided into the groups of 7-8 members. Each group had got one mentor and  one raft. Mentor gave us the instructions about the sings and commands that we need to follow; like forward, backward to move the raft. We all made aware of all are the potential risks and how we need to survive during any fall etc. After all instructions and training we started with actual rafting. Initially, it was quite difficult for us to maintain coordination, but eventually we got control on navigating the raft.

Start point

Start point

IMG-20130929-WA0029At Starting, the flow of water was slow but later it became faster, we all were focused as well thrilled. We had followed all the commands and instructions during the activity.Total rafting journey was about 12 km. The Rapids were of grade 2 and 3, which mean difficulty level was low and ideal for beginners.

There were few dangerous rapids like John carry, Rajdhani etc. But we managed to survive. In the meanwhile we played water games and other activities. Our mentor told us about his rafting experiences around different river. He suggested us to try rafting at Hrishikesh. (It’s still on my bucket list). The heavy rain brought the super thrill in our way. At the end, after 3-4 hours we asked ask to jump in slow flowing water and this was my best part of rafting journey; floating in the River without fear of drowning. At last we reached at endpoint completing our journey.

At End point - Kamath

At End point – Kamath


Here are the some important points I Learned on my Rafting trip.

  1. The route to Kolad is quite confusing. It takes long time to find exact place or point. So if you are coming from Mumbai or Pune keep some extra buffer time. Like if your reporting time is 10am then consider it as 9am and plan your journey according.
  1.  I could not able to take pictures of our actual rafting since we thought it would be risky to carry a camera or mobile on a raft or there might chances that we could lose it in a river. But you can carry it, there is separate water proof carry bag which mentor carries so you can keep your camera or phone and take snaps.
  1. Consume light breakfast and drink a good amount of water.
  1. Before rafting, make sure your life jacket and helmet are tight. At the time of training, jump into the water and see that you are floating on water not going under water.
  1. Follow the mentor’s order carefully and try to keep coordination.
  1. Clothing should be appropriate. Avoid wearing Cotton clothes and do not wear loose footwear or slippers. Its better wear ¾ tract pant, T-shirt and light floaters.

I felt glad for trying it. I had again visited this place again in 2014. The thrill and excitement were same in both times.

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  1. Santhi says

    Very nice Manisha.. Would like to experience the Hrishikesh rafting as you have mentioned!!! Thanks for sharing!


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