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Matheran Hill Station

Matheran is a small hill station around 120 km from Mumbai, located in the wide range of western ghats. Matheran is specially known for it’s incredible beauty during monsoon season. In my recent outing, I enjoyed the true natural beauty of Matheran specially the hills, green forest, waterfalls. The best way to travel to Matheran is a toy train, which starts from the neral station. 2 hrs of toy train journey through green hills and forest was a unique experience,

Toy Train

Toy Train

3.Toy Train 2

4.Toy Train stop

Train Stop

When I first entered in Matheran,I felt like I was in some other era. Something like I have traveled back in time.The place was so silent and peaceful, greenery all around, narrow and confusing roads, horses and traditional homes. Matheran is vehicle free; so one needs to take a horse ride or manual rickshaw for longer distance.


Motion Click

Confusing Roads

Confusing Road

Echo point, Sunset point, Louisa point, Charlotte Lake, Rambag point, Panaroma point, Pisarnath temple, Monkey point are some famous spots.

Louisa point Point

On d way to point

Long way to walk

There is a local flea market near Matheran station. Food, hotels and home stays are decent & affordable. Just have to be a bit careful around monkeys. Monkeys usually grab food items.


Haunted House

Haunted House

 Valley crossing is the famous adventure sport in Matheran. It was so scary and breathtaking, but good experience.

Valley Crossing

I am in the middle of 2 valleys- Valley Crossing

Matheran is one of the peaceful places I have even been to. No Doubt, it was fun and rejuvenating trip.

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