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Velas Turtle Festival, Ratnagiri

Velas is a small village in Ratnagiri district. Recently, I had visited Velas for Turtle Festival with Mumbai Travellers. It was a perfect weekend getaway with 50 strangers. I had also enjoyed the typical Konkani food, especially Solkadi and Taadi.

Turtle Festival– the main attraction of Velas, organized by an NGO named Sahydri Nisarga Mitra. It is an initiative taken by the NGO and whole Velas villagers to preserve the turtles and provide the protection to their eggs. Villagers also provide the home stays and food to the tourists. From last few years, it has gained quite attention among the tourists and nature lovers.

Velas Turtle Festival The festival was mainly focused on the turtles. We came to know a lot much about the turtles and the different phases of their life cycle.  At the end of the day, NGO Team had shown us the documentaries of turtles, vultures and explained us their importance in ecosystem.

Velas VilageI had actually witnessed the baby turtles hatching and their baby steps toward the sea. (Amazing Moment)

Turtle 1 Turtle 2Apart from turtle festival, there are other attractions as well like beaches, birds etc.

Velas beach is known as Virgin\Silent beach, since it has a very less human activities.

Velas BeachWe had also covered Bankot fort, which nearby located.Trekking till fort was a big FUN.

Trekking Break

It is a perfect location for photography. My some photography attempts!

Yellow Flower and Blue Sky

Yellow Flower and Blue Sky

Silent River Side

Silent River Side

Some Small Fruits

Some Small Fruits

Later we visited Harihareshwar, one of the famous places from Konkan. Harihareshwar beach & temple are also major attractions.The pradakshina around the temple along with beautiful seashore was the one of the best experiences.


Harihareshwar – Sea view from top

Natural rock crafting by tides

Natural rock crafting by tides

Statues of God

Statues of God

Violent Waves

Violent Waves


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  1. Francis Fernandes says

    Nice Pictures and good to know info … Just had a question on the number of turtles hatched last year i.e 2014 … as we are making a tirp in March 2015…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Manisha Tajne says

      Thank you so much! 🙂
      I’m not sure about the exact number of hatched turtles but might be something around 500 – 600.


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